mardi 28 août 2007

Utilisation de l'editeur de process JBOSS

Un trés bon article parle sur l'utilisation et la configuration de JBOSS sur ce lien

L'editeur de process peut être telecharger à l'adresse

Telecharger la suite jbpm sur l'adresse :
Il existe 2 fichiers et

The jPDL Suite ( The jPDL Suite is an extended runtime that includes the designer and the server. All of these components are preconfigured to interoperate out-of-the-box. If you want to get started with jBPM quickly, this is the file you want to download. It contains all the other modules of this package plus the graphical designer in one single download. Extract the zipped archive into a folder of your choice and read the file named 'readme.html' for more info and further installation instructions. With this starters kit you can immediately get started with the Chapter 3, Tutorial.

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